SHAZAM EMV Chip Debit Card

The card that acts like a check, only better. SHAZAM EMV Chip Debit Card lets you make purchases with the money in your checking account without writing a check.

  • Money is deducted right from your St. Ansgar State Bank checking account
  • You may not exceed $500 in purchases per day or $1000 in 3 days.
  • Use your SHAZAM EMV Chip Debit Card at millions of locations and even at places that do not accept checks
  • Get the maximum of $200 cash per day
  • Make deposits or transfer funds at many ATM locations


Card Activation:  Call 1-800-717-4923
PIN Change:  Call 1-800-717-4923

Lost/Stolen Card: If you ever lose your SHAZAM EMV Chip Debit Card or feel fraudulent charges have been posted to your account please contact St. Ansgar State Bank immediately at 641-713-4501 (during business hours) or call SHAZAM at 800-383-8000.

Fraud Prevention

  • SHAZAM Fraud Operations 24/7 telephone number:  866-508-2693.  This number may call you to verify a transaction for possible fraud on your card. If your card does not work, it could be because of suspected fraud. You can call this number and verify with the specialists.
  • Use your PIN number whenever possible. This makes transactions more secure and causes fewer issues and declines.
  • Carry an alternate means of payment in case of any fraud issues with your debit card.
  • Shazam Falcon Fraud may TEXT you from #72718 or call from 855-219-5399 to verify transactions for possible fraud.

What do you do if you ever lose your purse or billfold of credit cards? It is very important to do everything you can do to help protect your personal financial information.

Lost/Stolen Card Plan of Action Outline

1.   Call your bank and explain what happened.
2.   File a police report.
3.   Call all your credit card companies direct.
4.   Call the three National Credit Reporting Organizations.
     ** Place a fraud alert on your name and social security number.

  1. Equifax 1-800-525-6285
  2. Experian 1-888-397-3742
  3. TransUnion 1-800-680-7289

5.   Call the Social Security Fraud line at 1-800-269-0271.
6.   Call SHAZAM if you have a debit card at 1-800-383-8000.